CareOne at Cresskill was instrumental in my husband’s cancer recovery

My husband John was admitted to CareOne at Cresskill to recover from colon cancer surgery. He was suffering from dehydration and needed IV fluids to maintain his health.  In addition, he also had general weakness and weight loss. He needed physical therapy to build up his atrophied muscles. As a former police officer who practiced martial arts and body-building, it was difficult for John to reconcile the new experience of himself as a person who needed help with everything including learning to manage an ileostomy bag.

He stayed at CareOne at Cresskill for nearly 2 months. The skilled nursing staff administered his medications and IV fluids. They showed kindness and understanding towards John and took his concerns seriously. The physical therapists, nurses and administrative staff were all instrumental in helping John recover. The people that helped with cleaning the rooms and bringing food were kind and respectful. He made many friends at CareOne.

When he was discharged, John continued to work out with weights at home. He has been fortunate to have had reversal surgery of the ileostomy bag. Without CareOne at Cresskill, it would have been nearly impossible for John’s recovery to go so well. I work full-time and he would have needed care at home, which could not have measured up to the care he received at CareOne.

We cannot thank you enough for helping John to heal as fully as he has been able to.

— Janet Flynn Raimondi