Bonnie Shares Her Story!

I have been a patient at CareOne at Wayne for the past two months. I suffered a stroke, received a pacemaker, underwent heart surgery, had a collapsed lung, chest tube and more. When I came to CareOne I again had the best of care. I want to especially mention two individuals in the physical therapy and occupational therapy department; Carolyn and Julius.

Carolyn was on point from day one. “Safety first” was her mantra. She never let me go any further than she knew was where I should be. She was right every time! She is an excellent therapist. I was lucky to have her as mine.

Julius was also an excellent therapist. I was limited to a point, as to what I could do, and yet he found ways for me to get the best out of my therapy. Balance issues were tough but we kept working and we made progress. Blood pressure was also an issue and we all got excited when it was over 90! Julius’ determination was almost, if not more than mine.

I just want note one thing. Your whole staff are incredible therapists. Their devotion to their patients and the compassion are overwhelming.

– Bonnie Walsh