Rutgers College of Nursing Partners with CareOne

CareOne, A Senior Care Company announced today that they will be partnering with Rutgers College of Nursing for clinical training and education for its 3rd year nursing students. RutgersUniversity nursing students will be rotating throughout CareOne’s family of sub-acute rehabilitation, long term care and assisted living centers inNew Jersey for their upcoming semester.

The focus of the program will be to educate, train and provide hands on experience for the students throughout the year.  The nursing students will be on site at CareOne centers weekly for full day internships with CareOne nursing leaders and the program will last until the end of their school year in the Spring of 2013.

Dexter Vickie, RN, CareOne’s Vice President of Clinical Services says “We are honored to have been selected to work with the Rutgers Nursing Students.  CareOne has a reputation for high quality inpatient care for geriatric and other patients who require after hospital care before they return home.  I know that the Nursing leadership in our centers will add tremendous value and education to theRutgersstudents throughout the year.  We welcome the opportunity also to have the students interacting with our patients while enhancing their clinical skills.”

According to Deanna Gray-Micile, PhD, GNP, CRNP, FAANP, Assistant Professor at Rutgers College of Nursing “CareOne will be an excellent partner in our program.  The experience of the CareOne nursing leadership and the systems that they have put into place to achieve the impressive clinical outcomes they have shown over the years is the main reason we have selected their organization for our nursing students to benefit from.”

LikeRutgersUniversity, CareOne is aNew Jerseybased organization and provides care to more than 20,000 patients annually throughout it’s continuum of care.  Tim Hodges, CareOne’s Chief Strategy Officer said “post acute care is increasingly becoming a vital part of the health care landscape.  As the population ages and patients require more after care following a hospital stay, we are created centers of excellence for patients with significant medical issues that require a higher level of clinical care than traditionally offered.  TheRutgersnursing students will benefit from the expertise CareOne developed in managing these patients and rehabilitating them successfully.”

September 10, 2012 | Posted by careone | Filed in News