Kasey Siepe To Direct New CareOne Shared Admissions Support Services Office

Kasey Siepe, Director of Admissions at CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue, has been named Director of the new Shared Admissions Support Services office, scheduled to open on June 23rd.  The Shared Admissions Support Services office will serve CareOne’s centers in Bergen and Passaic Counties, the company already launched an office in Central New Jersey earlier this year.  Under the direction of Mr. Siepe, the office’s seasoned admissions staff and clinical personnel will provide 24/7 admissions support, including explanation of patient responsibilities, assistance with locating a CareOne center based on the patient’s medical needs, insurance benefits, and proximity to their home and physicians , and increased communication to patients and their families prior to admission.

“The Shared Admissions Support Services office will streamline the admissions process for both the patients and the CareOne centers,” said Siepe.  “Patients will be matched with the center that best meets both their physical and financial needs and their admissions will be processed with a quick turnaround time.”  Siepe stated that he looks forward to utilizing his many years of admissions experience to provide patients with an improved admissions experience that offers a better understanding of their benefits and the programs and services available to them.  “I’ve always worked hard and I am grateful to CareOne for recognizing my efforts,” he explained.  “I look forward to promoting growth within the new Shared Admissions Support Services team as well.”

For more information about the services provided by the Shared Admissions Support Services office, please e-mail Admit@care-one.com.