Innovative New Program Enhances CareOne At Holmdel’s Rehabilitation Services

CareOne at Holmdel recently introduced a new, cutting edge program to enhance its rehabilitation services. These innovative addition of the OmniVR™ Virtual Rehabilitation System.

Developed by Accelerated Care Plus, the nation’s leading provider of integrated clinical programs, the OmniVR™ Virtual Rehabilitation System is designed to meet the challenging needs of aging adults. Patients are guided by therapists through interactive exercises and activities using a computer-generated environment, which introduces challenging virtual tasks with less risk and creates an environment that would be difficult, if not impossible, to naturally replicate in a rehab setting. “We chose to integrate this innovative tool into our clinical treatment program for a variety of evidence-based reasons,” said CareOne Senior Director of Education and Development Robert Clark, PT, DPT, who has published research on virtual reality. “OmniVR enhances our patient’s abilities, boosts confidence and makes exercising more fun, which motivates patients to participate for longer periods of time. It also allows us to monitor each patient and provides therapists with objective data on patient performance. OmniVR™ helps define what makes CareOne different from other subacute rehabilitation programs.

May 19, 2017 | Posted by Benjamin Grannick | Filed in News, Press Releases