Hoarding Disorder: Safety, Delicate Interventions and Transitions

Senior Care Radio

September 15, 2014

Chris Curran

Darren Seise, Regional Director of Assisted Living for CareOne, has been working with seniors for several years.  During this time, he has helped older adults that have been affected by hoarding behavior.  He shares the challenges that a few of his residents experienced with hoarding prior to moving into his assisted living community and how his interventions have positively impacted their lives.  He also explains that hoarding disorder is now recognized as a mental health issue which will make it easier for people affected by this condition to obtain treatment.

Darren also mentioned Marci Cooper of The Hoarding Disorder Institute and he shared additional statistics and information on the reality of hoarding.

We briefly discussed National Assisted Living Week and all the events that CareOne will be hosting. Here’s a video.

Thanks Darren for sharing your experiences, knowledge, and insights!


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