Healthy Kosher Cooking with Susie Fishbein

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On Wednesday evening February 20th, CareOne at Teaneck welcomed world renowned Jewish cookbook author Susie Fishbein for an evening of culinary instruction, discussion and good old-fashioned taste testing. 75 members of the Bergen County community filled CareOne at Teaneck’s dining room for the show.

Susie presented three dishes for the event. She began with vegetarian cigars and homemade chummos, followed by a red lentil soup and concluded with a baklava dessert. All three dishes were recipes from her world famous cookbooks. After demonstrating each dish, CareOne at Teaneck’s dietary staff served each dish individually to the attendees. All of the samples were prepared by CareOne at Teaneck’s own kitchen staff. The food was so tasty that the attendees felt as though Susie herself had made it for them. In an effort to expand on the current resident menu, CareOne at Teaneck is looking to add these three dishes for their residents’ enjoyment.

The event generated so much community interest, that CareOne at Teaneck is already planning to have Susie come back in the near future for another show.

Three recipes of the dishes:
Zucchini Lentil Soup
Baklava Bites
Creamy Chummos

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