Happy 105th Birthday Gertrude Barry

Gertrude Barry, celebrating her 105th birthday at CareOne in Morristown with her niece Lani Trebitz-Sensenbrenner and her son Eric of Fort Lauderdale, FL. November 3, 2016, Morristown, NJ. (Photo: Bob Karp/Staff Photographer)

Morristown Daily Record

2:28 p.m. EDT November 3, 2016

Morristown native Gertrude Barry turned 105 on Thursday.

A life-long resident of the town, Barry was married and had two children. Her husband, son and mother all died of cancer and Barry helped nurse them through the illness. She has a daughter, who has special needs, and a niece who came from Florida for the party with her son.

Barry is currently living at CareOne at Madison Avenue, where she is a “a bubbly, always happy little lady. She participates in all the activities, all day, everyday,” according to Lili Patelli, director of admission at CareOne.

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