CareOne Kicks Off Banner Year with Breakthrough Ratings and Programs in Oncology, Diabetes, COPD, and Clinical Education

FORT LEE, NJ — April 24, 2014 — CareOne, a premier network of senior care centers throughout New Jersey, is at the forefront of a new delivery-of-care system to proactively improve the level of patient care. Clinical specialty programs are being implemented with a higher degree of expertise such as the STAR Program® (Survivorship Training and Rehab) for oncology, diabetes education with certification from the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) management. In addition, CareOne is now a clinical site for Physician Assistant (PA) students from Seton Hall University and Practical Nursing (PN) students from Berkeley College. These future healthcare professionals gain accomplished onsite experience, while providing valuable, additional patient resources. CareOne has also been recognized as a leader in addressing patient-centered needs with highly acclaimed, five-star ratings for every CareOne center in Morris County.

The First Oncology STAR Program® Certification of its Kind in New Jersey

CareOne announces the first-ever STAR Program® certification delivering oncology services for in-patient, sub-acute facilities in the state of New Jersey. The recent initiation of the highly regarded, cancer-care program was launched at three CareOne centers in New Jersey — CareOne at Holmdel in Holmdel, CareOne at Wayne in Wayne, and CareOne at Madison in Morristown.

This gold-standard program for cancer rehab was embraced in order to enrich the quality of care and improve patient outcomes. “As a certified STAR Program® Provider™, we are able to offer more comprehensive, coordinated cancer rehabilitation for our patients,” states Dr. Gallinson, oncologist at CareOne at Madison in Morristown, “Our staff now has the survivorship training, tools, and protocols required to deliver evidence-based services with cancer-rehab best practices.” Margaret Nolan, VP of Clinical Program Development at CareOne, adds, “We are advancing cancer rehabilitation to a higher standard of care by providing guidance, training, and support to empower each individual patient to increase strength and energy, manage pain, and maximize quality of life.”

At Ascend, the rehabilitation provider for CareOne, Amy Warner, VP of Rehab Services, says, “This strategic and mindset shift enables new levels of skilled oncology care that empowers our staff and greatly benefits our patients.” “Partnering with the entire interdisciplinary team, where everyone has the same training and speaks the same language to understand the goals and outcomes for the patient, makes a tremendous difference in the person’s stay at the center,” adds Elizabeth Straus, Executive VP of CareOne. “With STAR Program® education and understanding, rehab therapists at CareOne are realizing, more than ever, the significance of the roles they play in the course of oncology treatment and patient survivorship.”

As more patients begin to hear about the advantages of the STAR Program® at CareOne, a tremendous amount of interest is being generated. Ms. Rivera tells us, “The local hospitals are doing an excellent job of spreading the word about the STAR Program®, physicians are referring patients directly, and patients are responding with enthusiasm and requests to be part of this STAR Program® at our center.”

The First American Diabetes Association Certification of its Kind on the Eastern Seaboard

CareOne at Morris, located in Parsippany-Troy Hills, is proud to be the only

sub-acute care center on the east coast to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for their Diabetes Education Program. The ADA standards that are utilized by the CareOne team help people manage diabetes, improve blood glucose control, and prevent complications by educating and empowering both patients and caregivers.

“Our system is personalized to address the goals, needs, and strengths of every patient, so each can achieve his or her maximum level of independence,” states Dawn Sheafe-Anderson, Diabetes Program Director for CareOne at Morris. Dawn has specialized in diabetes management and education for 15 years, and she reports that, “Each patient in the program receives an assessment, and based

on the assessment and ADA guidelines, an individualized education plan is developed to support the patient’s goals. Aligning our individualized approach with ADA standards helps to ensure that diabetes management at CareOne continues to raise the bar when it comes to delivery of care.

“No where else, in an in-patient setting, are patients receiving a comprehensive ADA program which offers up to ten hours or more of diabetes education,” adds Laurie Kleid, Administrator of CareOne at Morris. To further empower patients, a monthly support group features expert speakers, who cover a variety of topics that help increase knowledge and improve the continuum of care related to the needs of the community.

Five-Star Recognition for all Morris County CareOne Centers

CareOne, a premier network of senior care centers throughout New Jersey, has received the highest ratings at all three of its skilled nursing centers in Morris County. CareOne at Hanover in Whippany, CareOne at Morris in Parsippany-Troy Hills, and CareOne at Madison Avenue in Morristown have each received five-star quality ratings from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). This is the one rating system that is standardized and sanctioned by the government, and it contains quality-of-care information on every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country, including over 15,000 nationwide.

Overall ratings in the CMS system are based on three primary domains; Health Inspections, Quality Measures (QMs), and Staffing. “The CMS rating system is well recognized as an indicator of quality and services,” says Karen Davidson, Senior VP of Clinical and Quality Services. “It is an important tool to help identify the quality of care delivered. We do, however, encourage people to come for a tour of our centers to fully appreciate the range of services, programs, and expertise that CareOne offers.”

State survey teams spend several days, unannounced, in senior care centers to assess whether the facility is in compliance with federal requirements. Surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of areas such as medication management, quality of care & services, quality of assessment & assurance, resident needs, nursing home administration, environment, kitchen/food services, and resident rights and quality of life. Of the more than 15,000 facilities across the country, less than 25% have received an overall five-star rating in any one rating period. Rating periods occur on a quarterly basis.

“We embrace this five-star achievement with incredible pride — it’s a true team effort that inspires us to reach down deep and make a difference regarding our patients’ needs,” says Natalie Rivera, Assistant Administrator of CareOne at Madison. Laurie Kleid, Administrator of CareOne at Morris, adds “As caregivers, we are empowered to continue to grow and learn so that we are able to provide positive outcomes for our patients.”

COPD Partnership Program Advances the Continuum of Care

CareOne at Livingston has joined forces with Saint Barnabus Medical Center to implement a seamless, continuum-of-care program to better manage COPD for those patients transitioning from the hospital setting. “We pick up where the hospital left off,” says Steven Salvanto, Administrator of CareOne at Livingston, “The COPD education becomes more real to patients because they are one step closer to going home, and they want to actualize everything they’ve learned to be successful when they get home.”

As the third largest cause of death in America, COPD has become a major focus for healthcare in this country. CareOne and Saint Barnabus have taken the initiative to provide a completely integrated program to help patients better manage the condition. “Many patients with COPD jump to conclusions, and what they fail to realize is that COPD is a disease that can be controlled,” says Maria Dimi, Administrative Director of Respiratory & Neurodiagnostics Services at Saint Barnabus Medical Center, “I applaud CareOne for coming to the table to partner with us to make this COPD program as successful as it can possibly be.”

As an integral part of the program, the respiratory therapists who work with COPD patients at the hospital follow those patients to continue their therapy in CareOne at Livingston. “It’s very encouraging for patients to get feedback from the same respiratory therapists who get to see the entire progression, so they can help encourage patients by pointing out their successes,” says Mr. Salvanto. “Over the last six months, we have really defined and refined the program, and now we’re seeing results of increased quality of life and decreased returns to the hospital for the residents we serve.”

By teaching patients how to monitor their triggers and having them understand the complete process for compliance of care, CareOne is providing an avenue for those who require more nursing skills to prepare for a home discharge. Roya Agahi, Director of Clinical Program Development at CareOne, states, “Our skills have been significantly enhanced through this program to identify the needs of our COPD patients and to provide an individualized brand of COPD care.” With the tools to prepare patients for better outcomes, CareOne and Saint Barnabus are enthusiastic about the ability to make a difference in the lives of COPD patients now and in the years ahead.

Top Teaching Site for Physician Assistants and Nursing Students

CareOne is furthering its reputation as a skilled, allied-health teaching center in partnership with two highly regarded, educational institutions — Seton Hall University and Berkeley College. “By opening our doors as a clinical site to these future Physician Assistants and Practical Nurses, everyone benefits,” states Daniel E. Straus, Chief Executive Officer of CareOne, “Our transitional care environment and specialized programs provide unique practical experiences for students, and they in turn, enhance our progressive model of patient care.”

“The clinicians associated with CareOne are top notch, and they provide our students with the exposure, education, guidance, and clinical experience needed to become outstanding Physician Assistants,” says Abby L. Saunders, Director of Clinical Education at Seton Hall School of Health and Medical Sciences. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Department Chair of the Nursing Program at Berkeley, says, “Under the direct supervision of the instructor, and with the diverse clinical capabilities of CareOne, our students will learn to interact with people as accomplished professionals, and we’re very excited about that!”

Margaret Nolan, VP of Clinical Program Development at CareOne, adds, “Hospitals are now more focused on critical care, so we’re filling the void to meet the needs of patients who require a higher level of care and to take on the role and responsibilities of the medical/surgical floors that previously existed at the hospital level — we are truly partnering with the hospitals and, in many ways, CareOne is emerging as the community hospital of yesteryear.”