CareOne at Morris Receives First American Diabetes Association Certification to a Sub-Acute Care Center on Eastern Seaboard

PARSIPPANY, NJ — April 24, 2014 — CareOne, a premier network of senior care centers throughout New Jersey, is proud to be the only sub-acute care center on the east coast to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for their Diabetes Education Program. The official “kick off” of the program occurred in October 2013, at CareOne at Morris in Parsippany-Troy Hills, and ADA certification was received in January 2014. ADA recognition assures high-quality knowledge for patient self-care, which is one of the primary goals. The ADA standards that are utilized by the CareOne team help people manage diabetes, improve blood glucose control, and prevent complications by educating and empowering both patients and caregivers.

Individualized Approach to Diabetes Management

“Before we began this program, we conducted a patient poll to provide a snapshot of the need for diabetes management,” says Laurie Kleid, Administrator of CareOne at Morris, “When we saw that 53 of the 100 patients polled had either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it was a real eye opener. Clearly, we needed to bring a top-notch diabetes educator to our center in order to direct a new program with tools and services that could be applied to each individual.”

“Our system is personalized to address the goals, needs, and strengths of every patient, so each can achieve his or her maximum level of independence,” states Dawn Sheafe-Anderson, Diabetes Program Director for CareOne at Morris. Dawn has specialized in diabetes management and education for 15 years, and she reports that, “Each patient in the program receives an assessment, and based on the assessment and ADA guidelines, an individualized education plan is developed to support the patient’s goals. Aligning our individualized approach with ADA standards helps to ensure that diabetes management at CareOne continues to raise the bar when it comes to delivery of care.”

A Complete Diabetes Support Program

Dr. Elkin Nunez, Diabetes Program Medical Director, says, “Along with superb diabetes management, patients receive a variety of support services administered by a comprehensive health care team.” The CareOne team of specialty physicians includes endocrinologists, nephrologists, vascular surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, and board-certified physiatrists.

“CareOne professionals have seen how proper training in diabetes management is essential to providing comprehensive care at home, so our board-certified nurse practitioner, who is also a certified diabetes educator, offers individual and group education sessions,” adds Ms. Kleid, “No where else, in an in-patient setting, are patients receiving a comprehensive ADA program which offers up to ten hours or more of diabetes education. To help empower patients after leaving our center, and for continuum of care, our social workers assist each patient with discharge plans, and our registered dietician guides patients with individualized meal planning.” CareOne believes that this attention to all aspects of diabetes management helps patients discover the importance of optimal health with diabetes and helps to ensure that patients follow through for the best possible quality of life.

Diabetes Education — Vital to Long-Term Health

The ADA standards, employed by CareOne, consist of specific educational areas beginning with diabetes disease process and treatment, including insulin pump instruction. “Providing a better understanding of how to approach diabetes management is vital for our patients and caregivers, says Ms. Sheafe-Anderson, “Our educational materials and tutorials pertain to nutrition and dietary regimen, blood glucose monitoring, exercise, medications, acute and chronic complications, psychosocial issues, and health and behavior changes.” This all-encompassing diabetes education program is delivered both individually and in the classroom setting, and it helps the interdisciplinary team to work collaboratively in achieving positive outcomes for patients.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

“We place particular emphasis on how we follow up after patients are discharged to sub-acute care”, says Daniel E. Straus, Chief Executive Officer of CareOne. “As a result, hospitals and patients look to CareOne as an extension of quality care after leaving the hospital.” Better follow-up care translates to fewer readmissions to the hospital for diabetes patients, and CareOne extends this care to patients when they return home.

In addition, we encourage patients and families to attend informative community programs and health fairs related to the latest in diabetes treatment and care and led by professionals in the field. To further empower patients, a monthly support group features expert speakers, who cover a variety of topics that help increase knowledge and improve the continuum of care related to the needs of the community.

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