CareOne At Jackson Joins Forces With Civil Air Patrol To Develop Adopt-A-Vet Program

CareOne at Jackson partnered with the Civil Air Patrol’s Ocean Composite Squadron to create a unique intergenerational program enabling CAP Cadets to connect with CareOne at Jackson veterans. The program, designed by CareOne at Jackson resident Donald Krauss, CareOne at Jackson Activities Director Deborah Conroy and CAP Deputy Commander of Cadets Lieutenant Eva Kumpf, promotes life skills as well as solidifies character development and social interactions. “This innovative initiative enables our veterans to share their experiences with Cadets who are interested in pursuing a future in the military,” said Conroy. “Working with the veterans at CareOne is very meaningful,” added her son, Cadet Cody Conroy.  “I enjoy the companionship and learning about the military experiences they have had.”

Each cadet is paired with a CareOne at Jackson veteran for a 6-month time span so they have the chance to get to know two different veterans over the course of the year. “The Adopt-A-Vet Program gives Cadets an opportunity to learn the true meaning of freedom as it is a privilege to spend time with veterans who risked their lives for our freedom,” Kumpf explained. “Many Cadets want to go into the armed services and hearing the veterans share their stories provides first-hand insight into military life.”

The program aims to empower and prepare Cadets to become responsible, caring citizens through interactions with senior veterans. “I really enjoy going to CareOne – I am heading to the Air Force Academy and will take my experiences with me,” said Cadet Brendan Walsh. “We’re a big military family and my respect has grown even more for our veterans since spending time with the veterans at CareOne”.

Cadets are also able to complete the 70 hours of community service required per year by the CAP through service projects at Care One at Jackson in addition to enjoying special events with their adopted veterans, such as fishing and picnics. “I love spending time with the Cadets,” shared CareOne at Jackson resident and veteran Charles Pittius. “It’s exciting to share my experiences with them and participate in activities and events together.”

For more information about the Adopt A Vet Program, please call Deborah Conroy at (732) 367-6600.

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