CareOne at Holmdel Launches First STAR Program® with Oncology Services for In-Patient, Sub-Acute Facilities in New Jersey

HOLMDEL, NJ — April 24, 2014 — CareOne, a premier network of senior care centers in New Jersey, announces STAR Program® (Survivorship Training and Rehab) certification. It is the first-ever certification for oncology services delivered in an in-patient, sub-acute facility in the entire state. In addition to being launched at CareOne at Holmdel in Holmdel, this highly regarded, cancer care program has been implemented at CareOne at Wayne in Wayne and CareOne at Madison in Morristown.

Gold Standard Program for Cancer Rehabilitation

CareOne embraced the STAR Program® certification process in order to enhance the quality of care and improve patient outcomes. “As a certified STAR Program® Provider™, we are able to offer more comprehensive, coordinated cancer rehabilitation for our patients” stated Dr. Gallinson, oncologist at CareOne at Madison in Morristown, “Our staff now has the survivorship training, tools, and protocols required to deliver evidence-based services with cancer-rehab best practices.” Margaret Nolan, VP of Clinical Program Development at CareOne, adds, “We are advancing cancer rehabilitation to a higher standard of care by providing guidance, training, and support to empower each individual patient to increase strength and energy, manage pain, and maximize quality of life.”

At Ascend, the rehabilitation provider for CareOne, Amy Warner, VP of Rehab Services, was enthusiastic when asked about the recent STAR Program® certification. “Unlike other programs out there, the STAR Program® provides wide-ranging training for the professional, so our therapists are able to utilize proven strategies in assessments as well as direct interventions for cancer survivorship. Teams also benefit from a psychosocial perspective in that they are able to better communicate with patients about diagnosis, fatigue, and quality of life. This strategic and mindset shift enables new levels of skilled oncology care that empowers our staff and greatly benefits our patients.”

Interdisciplinary STAR Clinician® Team

Trained to interact and work in unison, the professionals at CareOne consist of physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, registered dieticians, counseling and support staff, social workers, center educators, champion oncologists, palliative care professionals and board-certified physiatrists. According to Dr. Nalini Shah at the CareOne center in Wayne, “Each team member provides their individual expertise, guidance, training, and support throughout the patient’s stay to enhance the rehabilitation and maximize each patient’s potential.”

“Partnering with the entire interdisciplinary team, where everyone has the same training and speaks the same language to understand the goals and outcomes for the patient, makes a tremendous difference in the person’s stay at the center,” adds Elizabeth Straus, Executive VP of CareOne. “With STAR Program® education and understanding, rehab therapists at CareOne are realizing, more than ever, the significance of the roles they play in the course of oncology treatment and patient survivorship.”

Personalized Rehab Planning for Cancer Patients

Upon arrival at CareOne, each cancer patient is provided with a “Welcome Kit” which includes the STAR Program® Survivor Guidebook, a comprehensive guide with tips related to specific goals and suggestions regarding exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Most importantly, a rehabilitation plan is tailored to individualized goals that focus on improving each patient’s function and quality of life. Christine Bradford, Administrator at CareOne in Wayne explains that, “A holistic approach is taken in an environment that addresses the emotional, spiritual, and physical components related to each diagnosis.” Jill Monahan, Administrator at CareOne in Holmdel adds, “With each case being so unique, it is a real breakthrough to offer flexible therapy times to ensure that patients don’t miss treatment. Fatigue is expected, so we teach patients how to work around it to maximize the time and potential they have — even our hospice companies are more receptive and willing to allow therapy for patients.”

The interdisciplinary teams at CareOne convene on a regular basis to share insights that allow the whole patient picture to be viewed. “Every week, in our “We Care” meetings, we make sure that our teams are aligned so we can work more effectively with patients and families,” reports Natalie Rivera, Assistant Administrator of CareOne at Madison Avenue in Morristown, “Our staff is much more in tune with the needs of each patient.” The mission is to provide relief from any adverse side effects that patients may experience and to work together to nurture the best quality of life for them. According to Ms. Nolan, “Our unified approach and flexible program creates a different mindset that enables additional skilled services that truly benefit our patients.”

Greater STAR Program® Awareness and Enthusiasm

As more patients begin to hear about the advantages of the STAR Program® at CareOne, a tremendous amount of interest is being generated. Ms. Rivera tells us, “The local hospitals are doing an excellent job of spreading the word about the STAR Program®, physicians are referring patients directly, and patients are responding with enthusiasm and requests to be part of this STAR Program® at our center.” Ms. Nolan concludes, “With the mandate in 2015 that there be a rehab program incorporated into cancer centers and hospital settings, these organizations are looking at us as being ahead of the curve and a great partner, knowing that we’re able to assist each other in transitioning patients throughout the continuum of care.”

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