Why Drink Infused Water?

Our commitment to your loved ones health starts from the moment they enter our facilities. Making sure they are hydrated and eating healthy is a pivotal component to that recovery. That is why all our facilities are fully stocked with deliciously refreshing water stations. Here are a few benefits of infused water:

• It tastes great so you drink more of it, and that boosts your hydration.
• Your properly hydrated body can more efficiently rid itself of waste through organs including your kidneys, liver, and skin. It’s the natural “detox” our bodies do 24/7.
• If you’re drinking delicious infused water, then you’re not drinking sugary soda, and that’s a healthy plus.
• Drinking more water helps you feel fuller and addresses the false hunger that dehydration can cause. That one healthy habit can lead to healthier body mass.
• Water soluble vitamins like B vitamins and Vitamin C leak out into the water during infusion.
• CareOne centers use our very own homegrown 100% organic fresh herbs for infusion.

It all adds up to this simple truth: The real health benefit of drinking infused water is that you’re drinking more water.

June 18, 2019 | Posted by Benjamin Grannick | Filed in Blog