Top Three Reasons Why You Should Care About National Nursing Home Week

National Nursing Home Week (NNHW), May 11-17, was developed by the American Health Care Association to highlight the ways in which the long-term care profession promotes quality care for residents, patients, family members/caregivers, and staff members.  NNHW is a great time to acknowledge the residents who have contributed so much to our community during their lifetimes and the wonderful staff members who care for them.  Here are the top three reasons why you should join the NNHW celebration:

  1. Most of us have a senior in our lives.  Whether it’s a grandparent, parent, neighbor, or friend it’s comforting to know there are senior care centers that provide the highest quality of care for our loved ones.  For more information about care options for you or your loved one, call us at 1-877-99-CARE1 (22731).
  2. Our society promotes volunteerism and the notion of giving back to the community.  Nursing homes are wonderful places to volunteer and NNHW is the perfect time to get started.  Click here to locate the CareOne center nearest you and set up a time to come in and volunteer.  Not only will you make an impact on the lives of others, but you will experience the influence that our incredible residents and their caregivers can have on you.
  3. Let’s face it; none of us are immune to the aging process.  Whether you eventually need rehab or a senior center, you’ll be happy that such supportive and caring environments exist to nurture you and enable you to continue learning and growing throughout your golden years.
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