The Key to Living With the Elderly Is Respect

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From special diets to medical assistance, caring for an elderly person often requires many special considerations. Each person is unique, but when providing elder care services, a person must maintain a respectful, compassionate mindset.

Learn Habits

As a caretaker, it can be easy to assume that a light switch left on or a glass left out is the product of forgetfulness, but sometimes these quirks are part of a long-established routine. Taking note of habits leaves room for personality and expression while also cluing you into things truly out of the norm.

Understand Special Needs

Senior citizens often have particular diets or important medication regiments. This means providers of elder care services must remain vigilant. Helping to avoid sugar or salt (two very common restrictions) without challenging their autonomy is a delicate but essential balancing act. Some medications require fasting or taking with food. Caretakers should review all medicines, drug reaction warnings, and instructions. Possibly consider creating a list with all of this information readily available.

Gain Consent Before Helping

There are, of course, inevitably difficult situations. Some may feel the need to resist help even if they do need it. Regardless of their age, a person values their independence. Opening the lines of communication to receive verbal consent reaffirms one of the most important components of caring for the elderly: respect.


Establishing everyone’s privacy creates a map of what to avoid in elder care services. This can be as specific as whether or not she or he wishes to eat their meals in company or alone, if they will need a personal bathroom connected to their bedroom, or even how they wish to be assisted. A particular and common concern, for instance, is how sensitive to temperature the person may be. By establishing their preference on the thermostat ahead of time, caretakers can adjust accordingly. These walls exist to clarify, not to isolate.

The ultimate goal should always be to support those that need elder care services. A diverse array of needs can and will come up throughout the experience, and the job requires vigilance and patience. Keeping up with grooming, personal finances, recreation, and entertainment are all part of the duties expected of caretakers. Throughout all of this, remaining respectful is the key to providing priceless support.

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