Tale of the Numbers: Studies Find that Seamless Care Yields Better Results for Patients

During our four-plus decades, we’ve made it our mission to be among the leaders in the healthcare industry. We’ve been able to accomplish this through our personalized approach, particularly at our rehab centers, and by constantly providing a continuum of care for patients even after they return to the community.

That’s why our community campuses, which are located throughout New Jersey, include both rehab and assisted living facilities. We also have standalone rehab facilities, but every assisted living community is accompanied by a rehab facility in close proximity. Within those rehab facilities, you’ll find skilled nurses, therapists and specialists on site, so patients can receive the highest quality of care. And when they’re ready to return to the community, it will be as easy and convenient as possible to make the transition.

This helps us reach one of our major goals: providing a personalized and seamless continuum of care. But has this led to better results?

What the Data Says

Complementing our seamless continuum of services is the personalized approach we take with each patient. All of our rehab centers provide therapy seven days a week, with 95% of patients receiving 1:1 therapy. In addition, patients receive an average of 20-plus minutes of therapy per day, which is more than double – and nearly triple – the amount of some of our competitors.

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This brings us back to our original question: Does this strategy work?

The short answer is yes, according to multiple recent studies. A 2013 study by Casamba, a therapy management software company, found that 90% of CareOne patients return to their prior living situation once they’ve completed rehab, compared to the national average for skilled nursing facilities of just 40%. And because our facilities are all located on the same community campus, patients are able to make that transition easily, and we’re able to provide them with a seamless continuum of care along the way.

Once CareOne patients return to the community, they’re more likely to stay there, too. CareOne has the lowest 30-day return to hospital rate for Medicare patients when compared to other New Jersey multi-facility skilled nursing providers, according to a 2013 Avelere Health report.

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