#SaveDan: Help Our MVP Hit A Grand Slam Against Lung Cancer

Please join us in supporting our friend and colleague Dan Grimes as he battles Stage IV Lung Cancer.  Dan is the Regional Director of Operations for Southeast Massachusetts at HealthBridge Management since 2006 and has been a part of the senior care industry for much of his life.  Dan enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family, including his brothers Jim, Mike, and Andy and his sister Merry.  Dan married his high school sweetheart, Karen, in 1999 and together, they are raising four beautiful children, Megan (11); Emma (8); Julia (7) and Ryan (4).  Dan is an amazing father who is very involved in his children’s lives.  He loves coaching their football and basketball teams.  Dan is a beloved husband, father, son, brother, colleague, and friend.  Please join us in our efforts to support Dan and his family during this challenging time by clicking here to purchase tickets to the #SaveDan fundraiser or making a donation and sharing our fundraising campaign with your family and friends. 

To honor Dan and lift his spirits Dan’s family, friends, and colleagues will be sharing their favorite “Dan Stories” on our blog.

“Dan has made a living out of being there for people – family, friends, strangers, even pets.  Yes, I said pets.  Many years ago the entire Grimes clan spent a week up at our favorite spot, Duck Puddle Campground.   The week was filled with laughter and adventures.  This particular trip was pre-kids for Dan and myself, however my then girlfriend (soon to be wife) and I had our pet dog Jackson with us.  A Jack Russell terrier, he was full of spunk and constantly moved around and yipped at every noise.  We loved him, but looking back, I’m not sure how loved he was by others.

At the end of the week we began our trek home.  My wife Lynne, Dan, our friend Mark, and I drove in one car with our boat in tow. Dan and Mark both fell asleep about an hour into the trip.  As we merged onto the highway, I saw a strap on the boat cover come loose which caused the cover to blow up and down.  I immediately pulled over and got out to try and fix the issue.  As I climbed up on the boat to assess the problem, Dan had awakened and came over to help.  For those of you who truly know Dan, this was a real laughable moment. Usually when it pertains to fixing anything, Dan is a witness and even better, a manager, overseeing and adding in his thoughts but never actually knowing how to fix a thing.  However, there he was at the side of the boat half asleep, looking over my shoulder telling me what to do.  In the mean time, Mark woke up and decided to come out and help.  It turns out he would eventually be the only one to fix the issue, but as he got out of the car he left the door open, and the next thing we knew my little buddy Jackson was out on the highway running around.

I was frozen with fear as I saw my ten pound puppy yipping and running in circles in the middle of traffic.  Without hesitation, Dan ran out onto the highway with both hands in the air to stop traffic. Cars that were flying up the highway came to a screeching halt and there was this puppy running circles in the two lanes around Danny, barking and looking for him to play with him or pet him.  When Jackson finally caught on that big Dan was not too happy with him, he bolted towards the median strip between both the north and south bound lanes. Dan then proceeded to pick him up and Jackson in turn began licking Dan’s face and Dan just smiled.

Dan has done that so many times, in situations that cause most people freeze up, he just naturally reacts and leads the way.  He is my big brother, a good friend to all, and most importantly, an incredible husband and father!”

Michael Grimes

“My favorite Dan Grimes story is actually shared with anyone who attended last year’s annual company meeting. While presenting during the meeting, Dan momentarily lost his train of thought. That momentary lapse that so many of us have had began to take a turn for the worse when Dan became extremely pale, had beads of perspiration forming on his forehead, and looked wide-eyed and lost. Many of us in the audience did not realize that what was happening right in front of our eyes, to one of our confident, personable, and veteran peers, was a very common human moment – STAGE FRIGHT!

It did not take Dan long to recover, and of course, he recovered with humor. Dan was quick to laugh at himself as he wondered “who that other guy was” and “what the heck happened earlier?” He ultimately shared his operational expertise with us as planned and captured the audience with his self-deprecating humor, wit, and million dollar Dan Grimes smile. Dan let the whole episode roll right off his back and in doing so, caused all of us to relate to him more, appreciate his “human moment,” respect his great sense of humor, and admire his ability to face an unexpected challenge, persevere, and prevail.”

Linda G. Colleton MSN, RN-BC
Director of Education and Development
CareOne Management, LLC

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