Recognizing our nurses: CareOne at Teaneck

By Steven D. Missaggia, RN, CDONA, Director of Nursing, CareOne at Teaneck

During National Nurses Week, I want to take this opportunity to recognize my three unit managers: Ronny Freay, LPN, Rufina Olanio, RN, and Irene Geronimo, LPN. When I reflect on my past two-and-a-half years at Teaneck and how far we have come, I cannot imagine that it would have been possible without the tremendous talents of these three individuals. Their commitment to quality care is unequaled.

Ronny and Irene have a tremendous background in long-term care and have an enormous wealth of knowledge of long-term care regulations. Ronny has been with CareOne for more than 10 years. Irene joined Teaneck almost three years ago. Rufina is a hospital nurse who recently came to CareOne at Teaneck as a full-time manager while maintaining a per diem status at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Rufina has also recently completed her wound certification course.

The unit managers act independently and run their units like DONs. They juggle families, physicians, other team members and residents with ease, often while coordinating the admissions and care of a dozen new residents per shift! They never say no and always aim at providing the best care, customer service and making their DON happy—not a small task, I might add.

I am honored to guide them, work with them and lead them. Words do not express my gratitude. They are my shining stars. They make me a better DON.

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