Next Step Home Unique Therapy Approach Prepares Patients For Safe Return Home

Our Next Step Home rehabilitative therapy program embraces the philosophy that a discharge is not an event, but rather a process that begins upon each patient’s admission to a CareOne center.  Our program focuses on enhanced patient education and treatment by involving families in patient care and community service needs in order to allow for a safe discharge to home with exceptional outcomes for all of our patients.

“Our tailored, diagnosis-specific patient education empowers patients and their families to manage diagnoses at home in order to minimize the risk of repeat hospitalizations,” said Robert Clark, PT, DPT, GCS, Director of Education and Development at Ascend Rehab, which provides therapy services for all CareOne centers. “Each patient receives an organized discharge summary packet and community resource directory, providing easy to follow instructions on medication management and follow up medical appointments, as well as community support resources.”

The program also offers therapeutic day passes (when appropriate) allowing patients a trial home visit to assess activities of daily living and mobility needs that may require continued treatment prior to discharge. Our therapists can then develop rehabilitation goals that are individualized to each patient’s home situation.  “Each CareOne center has an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) suite to provide ‘real world’ training in following a daily schedule, simple meal preparation, medication management, and mobility in a simulated home environment,” explained Clark.  “This enhanced preparation method results in patients functioning as independently as possible when they return to their home environment.”

Therapy is provided six to seven days per week to guarantee continuity of care, limit interruption in patient progress towards rehabilitation goals, and improve patient outcomes through continuous endurance building.  “Our assistive technology tools such as simulated driving, cooking, golfing, and balance activities using the Nintendo Wii and the Omni VR offer ‘virtual activities’ which compliment hands-on therapy to better prepare our patients for a safe return home,” said Clark.  Therapists stay in touch with patients after they return home through follow-up phone calls so patients and their families can ask any questions they may have and to ensure that each patient’s plan of care and discharge goals were met.

For more information on how the Next Step Home program can benefit you or your loved one, please call us at 1-877-99-CARE1 (22731).

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