Meet CareOne At Cresskill Volunteer Linda Christensen

No matter what time of day you visit CareOne at Cresskill, you’re likely to encounter Linda Christensen.  A retired nurse, Linda spends most of her day at the senior care center with her 95-year-old mother, who is a resident.  “My mom was always there for me,” shares Linda.  “It’s a pleasure to spend time with her and the friends she has made at CareOne.”  In addition to visiting with her mom, Linda has given new meaning to the concept of volunteerism.  A regular fixture in the activity and dining rooms, Linda leads a variety of hands-on activities for the residents, including cooking, baking, and arts and crafts, and assists Director of Recreation Maria Theresa Sioson and her staff with daily activities.  “When I see the enjoyment that the residents get from these activities, it’s priceless,” she says.  “They really get involved in the projects and I love to watch them accomplish things.”

Some of the hands-on activities spearheaded by Linda also include a fundraising element.  For example, Linda worked closely with the recreation staff and the residents to create tie-dyed t-shirts. She then recruited other resident’s family members to help her sell the crafts in the center’s lobby on Mother’s Day.  All proceeds from the sale funded new activities for the residents.  Linda enjoys meeting all of the residents and their families and loves to be there for her mom.  “I’m giving back to my mom everything she taught me,” she shares.

CareOne at Cresskill has “a very dedicated staff and many of them have been here for a long time.  The people that work here know all of the residents very well,” explains Linda who feels that both the center’s staff and Administrator Cheryl Dorn are extremely supportive of her volunteer efforts and provide great care for her mom.  “If I have a concern about my mom, it gets addressed,” she says.  “There is an open line of communication – they know my mom’s needs and my concerns.”

For more information on volunteer opportunities at CareOne at Cresskill, please call (201) 567-9310.

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