Introducing the Affinity Program

Memory impairments don’t just affect the elderly. When a younger, more active individual is affected, families and loved ones often find it extremely challenging and overwhelming.

CareOne understands the difficult role of caring for a loved one with cognitive issues. We offer caregivers an opportunity to stop and take a breath, focusing on self-care through our Affinity Program. The Affinity Program allows caregivers to benefit from an improved quality of life and balance the seven dimensions of wellness.

» An open community for learning and socializing
» Camaraderie among individuals who share a common experience
» A resource to assist in getting the best out of situations and interactions with loved ones
» A forum for sharing tips and strategies with others
» An environment of positive energy
» Social events – dinners, cocktail parties, outings, social events

A healthier, supported caregiver is better equipped to cope and successfully care for a loved one.

Proudly supported by Harmony Village at Paramus and Harmony Village at Jackson

October 22, 2019 | Posted by Benjamin Grannick | Filed in Blog, News