Five Tips To Prevent Falls Among Older Adults

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injury for the elderly. Each year, over 700,000 seniors are hospitalized because of a trip, slip, or tumble—most with head injuries or hip fractures. Here are five simple tips that older individuals and their families can use to prevent sudden, traumatic injuries.

1. Get Some Exercise

Because they have stronger legs, better balance, and higher core stability, older folks who work out are far less likely to suffer serious falls than those who do not. Assisted living facilities often offer exercise programs designed to target these areas.

2. Check Vision

Trips and slips are often caused by bad eyesight. Seniors with impaired vision should make certain they have the corrective devices they need (glasses, contact lenses) to spot potential dangers.

3. Fall-Proof Home

According to recent statistics, about half of these falls occur in the home. Installing guardrails and lights on staircases and removing tripping hazards can greatly reduce the risk of a serious fall.

4. Review Medications

Many prescription pills have side effects that make falling more likely such as drowsiness or dizziness. Elderly individuals should check with their pharmacists to make certain their medications won’t make them more susceptible to a fall.

5. Wear The Right Footwear

No matter how comfortable they may be, slippers and sandals are not as stable or supportive as shoes. That is why most assisted living facilities encourage their residents to wear shoes, both indoors and out.

Senior citizens and their families can use these simple tips to reduce the chances of a serious fall.

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