CareOne At Cresskill Patient Success Story

CareOne at Cresskill’s Rehabilitation Team shares the story of Mr. Cullen and how they successfully overcame obstacles and returned him to his prior level of functioning.

In December of 2014, Mr. Cullen, arrived at CareOne at Cresskill after being hospitalized with a gastric mass and gastrointestinal bleed. He was weak, he was tired, and most of all, he was not motivated. We fought our daily battles, but fortunately won most of them. How do you motivate a person to participate in 2 hours of therapy every day who is not motivated himself?

We decided to take things slow with Mr. Cullen; however, several return trips to the hospital limited his full potential to recover. After a trip to the Emergency Room, he was weaker than before, both mentally and physically and we knew we needed to increase our therapeutic interventions in order to keep his recovery on track.

We began standing Mr. Cullen in our Neurogym. We tried the standing frame and sit-to-stand trainer, which helped him tolerate more weight on his legs and made standing much easier. We fought through some difficult battles, but we kept pushing, and Mr. Cullen kept pushing with us. With every small step towards walking, he began to realize his full potential for recovery. He saw that if he pushed himself a little more each day, he would be able to walk out of CareOne at Cresskill on his own two feet.

Mr. Cullen improved every single day. He began walking using the parallel bars and a rolling walker and eventually progressed to a rollator.

After several long months, Mr. Cullen was ready. He started walking in the halls by himself with his rollator, ascending and descending stairs, going up and down curbs, and participating in car transfers. He even surpassed his own expectations from the very beginning when he fought through every treatment session, to thanking us endlessly when he walked out of CareOne for the first time by himself. Mr. Cullen’s story shows us that when you push and challenge yourself, anything is possible. At CareOne, our therapists will do everything we can, with your help, to exceed your rehabilitation expectations and return you to your prior level of functioning.

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