Boost your brain!

No matter what your age, it is possible to keep your mind sharp through the years. Here’s how.

Can’t remember whether you turned off the coffee maker this morning? Struggling to recall your grandson’s birthday? Relax. “Everybody forgets now and again—and that forgetfulness isn’t necessarily a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease,” says Colleen Fitzpatrick, MSW, LCSW, with CareOne Harmony Village at Moorestown.

What’s more, it’s never too late to start strengthening those neural connections. If you’re ready to get your brain in tip-top shape, start with these tips and tricks:

Strategize. “Developing compensatory tactics, like keeping handy lists or putting your car keys in the same place so you always know where to find them, definitely helps,” says Fitzpatrick.

Play games. Crossword puzzles, word searches and Sodoku are common brain-teasers. To really give yourself a challenge, Fitzpatrick suggests doing word searches with numbers instead or mixing up the types of puzzles you do.

Try something new. Taking a different route to the grocery store or switching up your walk around the neighborhood, for example, can help you flex your memory muscles. Or, learn a new hobby or game— “choosing things that you’re interested in will motivate you, and motivation leads to success,” Fitzpatrick adds.

Give your mind a workout. Open to both patients and the general public, CareOne’s Brain Gym is designed to help older adults exercise their brains through a variety of engaging, individualized and fun activities. The Brain Gym joins CareOne’s full spectrum of wellness services—including exercise, nutrition and social programs—to offer patients and residents a complete care experience. To schedule your complimentary assessment, learn more about the Brain Gym or find a Brain Gym location near you, call toll-free 877-99-CARE1.

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