Important Message for Our CareOne at Jackson Community!

Although Care One at Jackson is closing a wing of our community for renovations; we are committed to continuing our Five Star service to our sub-acute rehabilitation unit. Our specialized rehabilitation programs in Respiratory, Cardiac, Stroke, and Pulmonary provide our patients with the treatment plan they require to return home in the safest capacity possible. Care One at Jackson is also very excited to be in the beginning stages of yet another specialized rehabilitation program in Oncology Rehabilitation! We are working closely with local physicians and hospitals to develop this much needed program for our community. In a time of need, Care One at Jackson is here to provide the highest level of care to our patients to ensure that they return home and get back to their activities of daily living with quality and independence.

One of our newest endeavors includes the LiteGait System which has forever altered gait therapy techniques, as well as expectations of outcome.

• Assist Posture, Balance & Weight Bearing
• Prevent Excessive Rotation
• Differential Control of Right vs. Left Side
• Measures the Support on Each Side
• Walk on Treadmill or Over Ground
• Mobile Design Goes from Room to Room
• Train Gait under Fall-Free Conditions
• Frees Therapist to Facilitate Walking
• Wide Range of Patient Sizes & Impairments
• Lift Patients of All Sizes from Sit to Stand
• Fall-Free, Supported Walking

Other Capabilities
-Respiratory therapist on staff seven days a week
-Heated high-flow nasal cannula and trach collar up to 50L/M and 50% FIO2
-Nocturnal PO Study
-Pulmonologist rounds weekly

-Gtube/PEG tube
-IV Solumedrol and Lasix
-IV ABT (PICC line)

Wound Care
-Wound vac
-Wound care certified nurse
-Wound doctor comes in for weekly rounds

-Transportation provided for: dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation
-Cardiac drips: Milrinone, Dopamine,Dobutamine

For more information, please call us 732.367.6600

November 14, 2018 | Posted by Benjamin Grannick | Filed in Blog