A Centenarian Resident was honored by CareOne at Cresskill

Centenarian Celebrant, Eugene with his peers was so delightful listening to the guitar and music of entertainer, Anthony Baglino on time for his birthday celebration. Eugene loves to watch golf and daily news and sports-related updates on the television. Reading his regular subscription of newspaper keeps him pre-occupied and frequent visit of son uplifts his spirit. He attends the Christian Service Visit of Pastor Bob Holsten every 1st Tuesday of each month; and likewise enjoys the Music Therapy Visit every other Thursdays of Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine (Nancy & Ray D’Pietro) as well as the Pet Therapy Visit of Snickers (labradoodle) accompanied by dog taker, Cindy Moyer;

Eugene (Gene) Bish was born on April 4, 1918 in Pittsburgh, PA. He started his career in Pittsburgh with the Westinghouse Corporation, which transferred him in his early 20s to San Francisco. There he met Ruby Kirby. They married and had two children, Doug and Debbie. In 1961 the family moved to Lodi, CA, in the San Joaquin Valley, where Gene took a position at Towner-Meyer Company in Stockton, CA as Vice President and Financial Manager. He held memberships in several civic and charitable organizations, including the Masonic Lodge, and throughout his life has been a stamp collector. Gene remained a resident of California until 2011, when he relocated to Sarasota, FL, where his son and wife Kathy were living. Within the past 2 years, they all moved to New York, then New Jersey. An avid and accomplished golfer, Gene continued to play until age 95. He was a long-time member of Stockton Country Club. Gene still follows professional sports with great enthusiasm, particularly golf, football and, recently, curling! He has four grandchildren: Aaron (stationed with the US Navy in San Diego, CA), Caitlin (Manchester, NH), Sarah (New York City), and Evan (Nashville, TN), and two great-grandchildren.

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