7 Reasons Why Laughter Yoga Is The Best Medicine

While Laughter Yoga may sound like a strange concept, this new health and fitness trend has gained popularity worldwide. According to the Mayo Clinic, the health benefits of laughter include stress relief, immune system improvement, and pain alleviation. Laughter Yoga is a combination of deep breathing yoga exercises and laughter that increase our oxygen and energy levels.

CareOne at Madison Avenue residents recently participated in a support group on “The Art Of Laughing And Science Of Breathing”. Lead by Pradep Nair of HomeWell Senior Care of Morris, the support group also included Laughter Yoga.

According to Pradep Nair, the top 7 benefits of Laughter Yoga include:
1. Stress relief
2. Morale boost
3. Improved blood pressure
4. Increase in oxygen
5. Promotes teamwork
6. Positive environment
7. Increase in productivity

For more information about CareOne at Madison Avenue and to attend a monthly support group, please contact Erica Rattray-St. Jean, Director Of Social Services, at ERattray-St.Jean@care-one.com.

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