3 Steps To A Healthy Heart

There are many ways to keep your heart healthy at any age, including regular exercise, a healthy diet, and managing your weight.  “Often, getting started on implementing a healthier lifestyle is the hardest part”, said CareOne at Livingston’s staff dietician Rebecca Fernandez, RD.  Here are three easy steps to get you on the right track to maintaining a healthy heart.

  1. Try to increase your physical activity and aim to get at least 30 minutes of activity per day, 5-7 days a week.  The National Institute On Aging suggests breaking the 30 minutes up into smaller segments throughout the day.  For example, going for a walk or walking the dog for 10 minutes each morning, afternoon, and evening, may be more manageable for you than a daily 30-minute walk.  Remember, any activity can count and even the smallest increase in activity adds up!
  2. Enjoy a heart-healthy diet, using these helpful guidelines: Be sure to read the labels on all packaged foods carefully. Check to see how much sodium and fat are in each food and limit the amount of foods in your diet that are high in sodium and fat. Sometimes, foods that are lower in fat have a higher salt content to give them more flavor. This is why it’s important to read the entire food label and compare your options. Add more whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables to your diet. An easy way to cut grocery costs, which can increase when purchasing produce, is to be conscious of which fruits and vegetables are in season and only purchase them in season when the prices are lower. Try seasoning your food with seasonings, like Mrs. Dash, that do not contain salt. Bake or broil food instead of frying it. Use olive or canola oil instead of butter, margarine, or lard.
  3. Be conscious of your weight. Ask your doctor to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), which compares your height to your weight. If your BMI is over 25 you are considered in the overweight category,
    and are therefore are more susceptible to heart disease. You can manage your weight using the suggested exercise and healthy eating tips listed above.
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