What Our Patients Say

At CareOne, our first-rate accommodations and compassionate, highly skilled care are unmatched in the short-term care, rehabilitation and long-term care industries. How do we know? Our patients and residents tell us so.

Here's what they have to say:

My stay at CareOne of Wayne was excellent, thanks to my therapists, nurses and aides. Everyone had a smile on their face and assisted me in my recovery. I wouldn’t be where I am today without everyone’s love and support. Many thanks!

- Dorothy “Eileen” Doviak
Before coming to CareOne at Wayne we knew of several people who had exceptional care here and we received the same as well. Our therapists were fantastic and professional. Everyone cared about us 100% of the time. We would recommend CareOne at Wayne to all of our family and friends.

-Paul and Dorothy Wollerman
My wife’s recovery was truly a miracle. I cannot thank the nurses and staff, especially Ann and Maria for taking such great care of my wife. Everyone was so caring. Thank you to Rehab for getting my wife back walking. I am so happy to have her back in my life at home.

- Gino Battaglia
Denise was admitted to CareOne at Wayne April 10th. She and her family were unsure if she would be able to return home. Denise worked hard everyday to meet her goals and the team is happy to discharge her home with her husband! Denise commented, “I love all the people that I worked with in rehab and nursing. Deb, Jas and Alexa in therapy are my girls! I am so happy I came here and I recommended CareOne at Wayne to all.

- Denise Battaglia
My family with my mom, Lois Duffy would like to take the time to thank all of you for the care she has been given in the time she has stayed at your facility. My mom had a stroke on 5/12/17. As her family we realize it could have been much worse, but still it left her limited with the use of her right side. Entering into CareOne she was unable to write or hold things in her right hand, she was wheeled down for therapy in a wheelchair. This was hard for her and her family considering she was always independent caring for herself. Then she met her therapist Julius, OT and Marilen, PT and spent and hour with each everyday. Lois with her family could not thank them enough! Their caring, hard work and dedication towards my mom will never be forgotten. Each day with the help and teaching of Marlien and Julius, we saw her progress unfold. My mom can walk, write her name and now her confidence is back! Not only your educated assistance, but your hearts wanting her to succeed, and do well will ALWAYS be remembered. Thank you!

-Lois Duffy and Family
Care One at Wayne is the best rehabilitation I know. I have advised one of my doctors of how wonderful you are and she will make sure to use you and spread the word. My morning therapists are Amy and April who I wouldn’t trade for the world. Amy is my physical therapist and she works me hard to regain my everyday activities. With Amy’s help, (mainly with the walker) I am improving each and every day. April is my occupational therapist, who also works me hard. She even takes time in the afternoon to help me practice with my walker. I will highly recommend Care One at Wayne whenever I can.

-Maryann Rabcow
I came to Care One for rehab after having double pneumonia. I was extremely weak when I was admitted to Care One. The therapists were excellent. They got me back on my feet. Their demeanors were always professional and caring. They always looked our for my best interest. I feel I owe my progress to them. The therapists work together as a team and I thank them very, very much. I will never forget them, as well as the rest of the staff at Care One. It's a nice feeling to have this gratitude towards the staff. Its grace from God.

- Antoinette Hall
I have been a patient at CareOne at Wayne for the past two months. I suffered a stroke, received a pacemaker, underwent heart surgery, had a collapsed lung, chest tube and more. When I came to CareOne I again had the best of care. I want to especially mention two individuals in the physical therapy and occupational therapy department; Carolyn and Julius. Carolyn was on point from day one. “Safety first” was her mantra. She never let me go any further than she knew was where I should be. She was right every time! She is an excellent therapist. I was lucky to have her as mine. Julius was also an excellent therapist. I was limited to a point, as to what I could do, and yet he found ways for me to get the best out of my therapy. Balance issues were tough but we kept working and we made progress. Blood pressure was also an issue and we all got excited when it was over 90! Julius’ determination was almost, if not more than mine. I just want note one thing. Your whole staff are incredible therapists. Their devotion to their patients and the compassion are overwhelming.

- Bonnie Walsh
CareOne at Teaneck is one of the best facilities in the area. My wife and I have been to several other facilities in Bergen County and CareOne at Teaneck is far superior. The staff is so supportive and everyone is very accommodating.  I didn’t want to leave!
- John E. VanClief, Jr.
I have to say that everything at CareOne at Teaneck is great! The nursing and rehab staff are wonderful. If I could, I would stay another week. This place is better than any other I have been to. I couldn’t be more blessed, coming here to CareOne at Teaneck, it was the best move! The building is so clean and the staff is outstanding. I am now able to walk because of CareOne at Teaneck!  
- Carmine Rubino
I was going through a difficult time and struggling with walking prior to my stay at CareOne at Teaneck. I am so happy I chose CareOne at Teaneck, they helped me immensely through my difficulties. All the therapists and nursing staff were very kind and helpful. I have never seen such wonderful staff. I especially would like to thank my therapists who did an amazing job with me. Thank you CareOne at Teaneck for making my stay above and beyond!
- Lena Cohen
I am so thankful for my stay at Woodcrest Health Care Center. I will never forget the way I was greeted by the staff. Right from the beginning, I felt like I was at home. Everyone here treated me like family. The staff is so caring towards the patients. I felt so safe and loved. Some of the nurses were like mothers to me. The CNA’s are so happy – they always made me laugh and made my days go by faster. If I ever needed to go back to a rehab facility, I would DEFINETELY come back to Woodcrest Health Care Center. I would recommend Woodcrest Health Care Center to everyone. Again, I am so thankful for my stay here, especially because my grandmother and I have been to other centers and none of them can even compare. I’m happy to be going home, but I’m going to miss everyone so much. I can’t wait to come back and volunteer! Thanks so much to the entire Woodcrest Health Care center staff! You brought me so much happiness!
- Catherine Fox
After a hospital stay earlier this month, I needed to go to a rehab facility to regain my strength before returning to my home. My doctor recommended Woodcrest Health Care Center. I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. Everyone at Woodcrest Health Care Center was kind, helpful and friendly. The Administrator was very nice to me and my entire family and the Director Of Nursing visited me every morning and cheered me up. The kitchen staff went out of their way to make Indian food for me and it was delicious! The rehab therapists were very good and helped me do very well. My CNA was very patient and took very good care of me. I felt like I was home, and everyone made me feel special. Now I know why my doctor recommended Woodcrest! My entire family is very grateful for all the help and warm accommodations from the Woodcrest staff.
- Tarabai Durve
I came to CareOne at East Brunswick not being able to walk and did not imagine I was going to walk out of here, but I did thanks to all of you!
- Jacob Lenhardt
I thought I would never walk again, but my wonderful therapists at CareOne at East Brunswick helped me walk again. The first time I stood up with the help of two people, I thought in my head that this is it and I will be like this forever, always needing assistance. Now, I am going home walking on my own and will come visit everyone at CareOne at East Brunswick soon. I am ever so thankful for the kind and compassionate care I have received at CareOne at East Brunswick from all staff.
- Barbara Lillie
From the second you walk in to CareOne at Holmdel, the appearance is excellent, along with the receptionist.  I bring her flowers once a week because she is so pleasant.  The food is above standard, the caretaking is good, and my wife is always kept clean.  I tell my friends and family that although no one wants to be at a center, if you or a loved one should ever have the need I would say to send them to CareOne at Holmdel.
- Frederick Shaw
The people who work at CareOne at Holmdel are professional and take their work seriously.  Whenever I had a concern, they came to me immediately and would explain the situation or find out what they can do better.  My Mom was treated with professionalism, she received very good therapy and they cared about her needs.  She always felt happy and safe.
- Claudia Charest
The CareOne at Holmdel staff did a nice job and were very friendly. My husband was very happy at CareOne at Holmdel and his care was excellent.  I will tell my friends and family that it is a very nice place and they do have a very good reputation and the physical therapy is excellent.
- Elaine Lynch
The service at CareOne at Holmdel is excellent.  If you ask for something at night, the staff is there, no matter what, and they always have a smile.  The people are unbelievably nice.  Most of the staff has been working there a long time, one gal has been there for 25-30 years, which speaks volumes! When you talk to them, they have the answer for you.  CareOne is the best place you could put a person when they need care.
- Mitzi Knapp
My sister-in-law highly recommended that my husband come to CareOne at Holmdel because she had heard that it is excellent.  The nursing staff is fantastic and the aides are great.  I don’t have to ask for anything because most of it is done already.  The nurses and aides in my husband's section have all been marvelous.  The physical therapists are marvelous.  The people that work at CareOne at Holmdel are a terrific group and they make the place a great experience.
- Mrs. Hanin
My stay at CareOne at Holmdel was great. The staff is wonderful and the rooms are very clean.  The best part of my stay was the staff.  The staff is amazing and therapy is really great.  I would definitely recommend to family and friends.  The therapists are fantastic.  They are very encouraging and positive.  They have a lot of patience and are very kind.  The nursing staff is very good as well and the CNA’s are great, definitely met my expectations.  
- Michele Mendez
Everyone at CareOne at Holmdel was very good and very helpful and very positive.  The therapy department brought me back to my functional status and they work very hard.  I came here from Bayshore Hospital, I am glad they sent me here.  The Physical and Occupational therapists I would rate a 10 out of 10.  All the staff would introduce themselves and were very pleasant and asked if I needed help. I was very satisfied with my stay and would recommend CareOne at Holmdel to others.  
- Janet Tobin
My experience at CareOne at Holmdel was great!  All the staff is amazing and the nurses really care. Everyone was very nice and treated me very well. The physical and occupational therapists are all wonderful.  The nurses loved me, and I loved them. I was really scared at first, but the nurses and aids really went out of there way to help me settle in and my stay was way better than I thought it would be.
- Tomika Wright
My experience at CareOne at Holmdel was great.  The staff was very considerate of all my needs.  I would definitely recommend this center to my friends.  The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy staff were all very supportive and the nursing care was very good.  
- Michael Poli
I was admitted to CareOne at Holmdel after suffering a major stroke and respiratory failure.  I came to CareOne at Holmdel unable to breath on my own. I could not talk, walk, or eat on my own, I could barely function.  With the excellent care I received from the nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and respiratory therapists, I am able to talk, walk, breath, eat and even bathe myself. With much help from the Social Services Department I am able to leave CareOne at Holmdel a much healthier man, for that I will be forever grateful. I cannot thank those enough, who helped me here at CareOne at Holmdel, for helping me to get my life back.
- Isaac Stamps
I came to CareOne at Jackson after having two strokes and spending 3 weeks in the hospital. I was extremely weak and unable to stand. When I first came to CareOne at Jackson, I needed to be transferred by a Hoyer lift. I was unable to stand or walk or do anything on my own until I started therapy. In my opinion, the therapists, aides and nurses are very caring and they definitely know what they’re doing. After starting therapy at first, I was walking with a lot of assistance. Then, as my therapy progressed, I only needed 2 people to help me walk and finally it came to the point where I was able to walk on my own with a walker. I regained my independence thanks to the incredible therapists at CareOne at Jackson. I had heard good things about CareOne and when I came here myself, I found the staff members to be extremely friendly, nice and helpful. I think that’s the most important thing - you want to be treated like a person and that’s what they do here. They go out of their way to be friendly and if I needed anything or had a question, they reacted very quickly to help me, which made me very happy. The facility itself is very nice and my room was great. If I was going to recommend a place to go to for care, I would definitely recommend CareOne at Jackson.
- Karl Sommer
I have had the opportunity to recover at CareOne at Valley in Westwood, NJ. This facility is clean, pleasant and well run by all involved. I also want to give special thanks to the administrator who is professional, personal and pleasant and knows exactly what she is doing at all times. I would put my life in her hands and highly recommend that anyone can trust her. I can’t thank her enough. I would also like to thank the Director of Recreation for all of her hard work, the social services department for all that they have done for me and for others, the occupational/physical therapy department for going above and beyond and the kitchen staff for the delicious and nutritious food and for accommodating my dietary needs. CareOne at Valley is the best rehab facility I have ever had the pleasure of being part of.
- Virginia Robinson
I was admitted to CareOne at East Brunswick with multiple medical conditions. I was bedbound and unable to walk. The doctors, nurses and therapists at CareOne at East Brunswick provided tailored care based on my specific condition so I could participate in my therapy sessions. I needed extensive physical and occupational therapy because I needed assistance with all activities of daily living, including walking, dressing and bathing. Upon my discharge, I am able to walk without assistance and take care of all of my needs by myself. I am going home even better than I was before thanks to CareOne at East Brunswick! The entire staff has taken good care of me and I am amazed at my progress. Thank you for all of your help!
- E.S.
I was at CareOne at Jackson for rehab in 2007 and 2008. I had such a good experience that when I needed rehab again, I came back to CareOne at Jackson. I couldn't get over how many people remembered me and how many people I remembered!  CareOne is a very well oiled machine where everyone works together as a team.  The people that work here have kind words to say to you and no matter what department they work in, everyone knew my name.  When I was here in the past, the facility didn't have a Respiratory Therapist and I think having one on staff now is a huge asset to the facility.
- Brenda Jolley
I was going to go home after my hospitalization, but I decided to come to CareOne at Jackson because a friend of mine was here 2 years ago and he was treated well and it has a good reputation. When I was released from the hospital, I couldn’t get out of a bed or a chair. After physical and occupational therapy for less than 2 weeks, I am now able to get up, get out of bed, get in bed, get dressed and care for myself and I am not a burden to anyone. I am able to go home and be independent. I was impressed by the care and even more impressed by such a happy and pleasant atmosphere, including the staff and the residents. Everyone at CareOne at Jackson is so nice and very helpful!
- Raymond Schleckser
I want to thank the Care One Teaneck staff for my exceptional care. During my 4-month stay, I was very well cared for by the outstanding nursing staff and aides. Issues and concerns were quickly addressed and resolved. Everyone at all levels of care from the Administrator to the cleaning staff were very friendly and deserve to be praised. The nursing staff was extremely professional, informative and knowledgeable. They were always on top of my medical issues. When my hip x-rays were mislabeled and the wrong ones were provided to my surgeon, one of the nurses personally made sure that the correct ones were provided by delivering them herself to my doctor’s office before my scheduled appointment. Professionalism, efficiency, warmth and genuine caring are just a few of the many wonderful characteristics embodied by the CareOne at Teaneck staff, who tirelessly attend to patient’s needs and treat all with respect and dignity. The therapy staff is skilled and professional, always striving to improve each patient’s abilities and strengths. Much of my improved muscular strength, I believe, was due to my therapist’s ability to continuously encourage, motivate, and develop creative tasks to challenge and greatly improve my skills. This was definitely the right place for my extended medical care. Thank you again!  
- Suzanne Berelson
I have just returned home after spending more than a month recuperating at CareOne at East Brunswick. You should be commended for the wonderful care provided by your magnificent staff. The nurses and therapists in particular are extremely professional. Their concern for my welfare and health was evident in the care they provided for me. The success of my rehabilitation is largely due to the incredible therapy staff. Now that I am home, I shall remember the excellent treatment I received.
- E.S.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to the entire CareOne at Teaneck staff for going above and beyond to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The administrator even allowed the engagement party for my youngest granddaughter, who flew in from Israel, to be held here at CareOne. It was only through her involvement and generosity that I was able to participate and be a part of this wonderful event. I also want to extend my sincerest gratitude to my wonderful occupational and physical therapists, without whose help I would not be where I am today. Their professional expertise and personal care were exceptional. The staff at CareOne at Teaneck are efficient, helpful and available when needed. I am profoundly appreciative for all of those involved in my rehabilitation.
- Walter Krug
I truly enjoyed my rehab stay at CareOne at Teaneck. The dining room experience was very pleasant, everyone is so helpful. They are working from their hearts. The nurses were incredible and nice. Prompt to help if you need them. From the Nurses’ Aides to the housekeeping staff - if you need anything they come right away to do it for you. Thank you Care One at Teaneck for everything!
- Angela Carmenate
Care One at Teaneck is like the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Expect elegance and grace. Everything is done to make the patient feel important and special. The environment itself helps with the physical and emotional healing process. At Care One at Teaneck, you will get better with the help of the incredible nurses and physical therapists, who provide an opportunity for healing of the mind, body and spirit.
- Delores Harris Harrison
I wanted to write you so that you can read, first-hand, from someone who owes his recovery to you and your superlative staff. When I transferred to CareOne at Teaneck, I could not have imagined progressing to where I am today. After an entire summer of life-saving surgeries, I had lost the ability to walk. I required expert wound care, medical supervision, dietary counseling and aggressive physical therapy, if I were ever going to return to a meaningful existence. After over 20 years in medical practice, the thought of being a patient, much less a debilitated in-patient, was terrible for me. I write this from my beautiful new office, on my first week back to work. Like many at CareOne, I have dedicated my entire life to treating my patients, and thanks in very large part to the phenomenal people at CareOne, my reason for being has been restored. I am back where I belong - seeing patients, helping those in need and running my business. There are many CareOne at Teaneck staff members to thank for this most precious gift of restored health, vitality and productivity, too many to mention by name. The admissions department made my transfer seamless. The nurses and aides, (all shifts), were keenly attentive to my needs and rendered the most expert and compassionate care I have ever experienced. The dietary department accommodated me, even on days when I was feeling less than pleasant. Under the expert and motivated care of your physical therapy department, I went from something unrecognizable to myself, to the man writing you this very instant. A man who has regained his reason for being, and now views life through a much more humanistic lens. I have all of you to thank for this. I would also urge any patients to take this letter to heart as proof, that they too can and will make great strides in their own lives under the care of the amazing people at CareOne at Teaneck. I will return to visit once I’ve regained my full strength. And I pray that you all know how very, very grateful I am to ALL of you.
- Dr. John D. Petkanas
I was admitted to CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue after I had double knee replacement surgery. I was in a lot of pain and could barely move. My legs felt like a ton of bricks. I was a patient at CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue a couple of years ago and I knew that if I wanted to recover successfully after this complicated surgery, there’s no other place to go but there. At the time of admission, my pain was through the roof, I was starting to think that I would never recover from this operation. The doctors and nursing team gave me the right regimen to control the pain so I could work on getting stronger with therapy. Upon initial evaluation, I needed maximum assistance for everything; my legs were both so swollen and felt like jello. I couldn’t walk, stairs terrified me and I doubted if I would ever make it out without a wheelchair. I also needed maximum assistance for dressing and getting to the bathroom. I couldn’t reach my feet or dress/clean my lower body. Upon my discharge from CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue, I am able to walk without any device. I can go up the stairs step over step with no assistance. I can even walk on grass, ramps and curbs. I can dress and shower by myself. Everyone at CareOne at Ridgewood Avenue took great care of me and I am going home even better than I was before!  
- D.W.
My husband John was admitted to CareOne at Cresskill to recover from colon cancer surgery. He was suffering from dehydration and needed IV fluids to maintain his health.  In addition, he also had general weakness and weight loss. He needed physical therapy to build up his atrophied muscles. As a former police officer who practiced martial arts and body-building, it was difficult for John to reconcile the new experience of himself as a person who needed help with everything including learning to manage an ileostomy bag. He stayed at CareOne at Cresskill for nearly 2 months. The skilled nursing staff administered his medications and IV fluids. They showed kindness and understanding towards John and took his concerns seriously. The physical therapists, nurses and administrative staff were all instrumental in helping John recover. The people that helped with cleaning the rooms and bringing food were kind and respectful. He made many friends at CareOne. When he was discharged, John continued to work out with weights at home. He has been fortunate to have had reversal surgery of the ileostomy bag. Without CareOne at Cresskill, it would have been nearly impossible for John’s recovery to go so well. I work full-time and he would have needed care at home, which could not have measured up to the care he received at CareOne. We cannot thank you enough for helping John to heal as fully as he has been able to.
- Janet Flynn Raimondi
This is my second visit to Oradell Health Care Center for therapy. The therapy is great and it is better than going home alone and not doing the proper exercises. All of the staff members are excellent and very friendly. The nurses are phenomenal. All of the therapists are excellent as well. They helped me progress and push myself so that I could use my knee again.
- Dennis J.
All of my needs are met at Oradell Health Care Center. If I have any problems or if I don’t feel well, I receive immediate attention. Whether I am being taken care of by a doctor, nurse, nurse’s aid, or a physical therapist, they listen to what I have to say and do everything humanly possible to remedy me. After just a few days of being in Oradell Health Care Center, I realized I was getting more help than I ever had in the past. If G-d forbid I ever need rehab again, I would definitely choose to come back to Oradell Health Care Center. The people that work here are compassionate. They speak to you like you’re a human being and they all wish to help you in any way possible. They always speak to you with kind words and everyone here has the patience of a saint. In all honesty, when discharged from Oradell Health Care Center, I will miss all of the staff, especially the great therapists, as well as all of the residents I have come to know. But, no matter what, I will always come back and visit.
- Jeanne D.
I love Oradell Health Care Center. This is a great facility to be in and everyone that works here is great. From the nurses, to the aides, to the therapists and the administration, everyone is very helpful and compassionate. All of the staff members are caring and always make sure the residents are comfortable. The facility is clean, the food is good and the activities are excellent. I especially enjoy Breakfast Club, which is a great social event. Everyone here goes above and beyond to make residents feel comfortable and appreciated.
- Joseph N.  
I have been a patient at Oradell Healthcare Center on 3 separate occasions for different medical reasons and would recommend this facility to everyone. The nurses, therapists and administrative staff are all great individuals. The facility is very clean, the food is good, the grounds and the gardens are gorgeous and there are a lot of activities to enjoy. The breakfast club is excellent you are offered anything that you want by the friendly staff and it’s a great way to make friends with other residents.
- Lillian
I am writing this letter so everyone will know how satisfied I am with the care I received at CareOne at Teaneck. This is the fourth time I used their rehabilitation services and I highly recommend it. It’s the best one in Bergen County. The physical therapy department is composed of nearly 30 professional staff. They have occupational, physical and speech therapists. All of them do an excellent job in a happy, friendly and peaceful atmosphere. They all go above and beyond to help residents. Nurses, recreation, clerical and dietary staff are also very pleasant people, always ready to help when you need them. Congratulations CareOne at Teaneck for jobs well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Mariola Pulido
I would rate Care One at Teaneck a 5 Star Facility! The entire staff gives their patients quality rehabilitation, nursing, recreation and medical services. Thank you CareOne at Teaneck for making my stay a pleasant experience!
- Dolores Butler
I want to thank everyone at CareOne at Teaneck for treating me so wonderfully. I feel that they really all care about me. I came to CareOne at Teaneck with broken bones and I was not allowed to put any pressure on my foot. Today, I have enough strength in my foot to pick myself up and move around. I have strength in my hands now to pick myself up and do every day tasks. All of this is because of the dedication of the people that work at CareOne at Teaneck. They treat every patient as if they are family and the care is outstanding. Between the rehabilitation therapy and nursing care, I was able to become a stronger person. I really can’t say enough about this place. The Kosher food is spectacular, I keep Kosher myself and it’s like nothing I ever tasted before. The kitchen staff is just amazing; they are very sweet and attentive. I would recommend the dinning room to anyone. I was constantly at the recreational programs, which are amazing! You can learn, socialize, join parties, musical events, or just have quiet time to read the daily newspaper. And I have to mention how clean the facility is, it’s not like any other place for sure. Thank you to your staff for helping me get through the hardest and most difficult part of my recovery. Without them I would not be where I am now. I am still working hard to get stronger with everything they have taught me. I recommend CareOne at Teaneck with all of my heart.
- Rina Erlich
When I was transferred here from Englewood Hospital via ambulance, the driver told me that I made a good choice. My husband made the choice for me to go to CareOne at Teaneck because he visited a friend here and a neighbor was being rehabilitated here. When I arrived, the head nurse greeted me with a beautiful smile and immediately I knew I was in good hands. The nurses are very good and the nurse’s aides are very caring toward the patients. They treat each patient like they would treat their grandmothers. The love and care is beyond the duty of work. It is personal. The rehabilitation services are excellent and make me feel comfortable to live outside the center. I am leaving well prepared. All of the staff members love their jobs. That is why CareOne has a good reputation.
- Pauline Harmon
I have been here twice and I just really wanted to say thank you to the staff. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I love my nurses, they made my home away from home a most pleasurable experience. I can’t thank the CareOne at Teaneck team enough.
- Libbey Fusco
I had a total knee replacement surgery and recuperated at CareOne at Hanover Township.  I am writing this letter to express my thanks to those that made my long stay a most positive and pleasant experience. I was very much impressed with my Physical Therapist.  She is knowledgeable, confident in what she has to offer and her attention to detail is remarkable.  She made me feel confident that I could achieve my range of motion goal before my discharge date.  With her help and support I was able to accomplish this goal and it has made my adjustment back to home much easier. Next, I would like to acknowledge my Occupational Therapist. She is great! She is so knowledgeable and really took good care of me.  She deserves a lot of credit and is a tremendous asset to CareOne as well. I would also like to acknowledge the kitchen staff. I am a vegetarian and they went out of their way to make very delicious vegetarian dishes for me.  If I requested something that they did not have in the kitchen, they promised to get it for me when they went food shopping and they stayed true to their promise. I am truly grateful for their extra effort. Thanks to these individuals, I had a very pleasant stay at CareOne at Hanover Township.  I wanted to be sure that their efforts are recognized and appreciated.
- Madhukanta (Marsha) Kamdar
I really enjoyed my stay at CareOne at Wayne. All the nurses took such good care of me and were nice to me. I almost didn't want to leave! I tell everyone I know to come here. Thank you, again, for everything.
- Clarence Scaduto
My recovery started at CareOne at Wayne. The staff provided the enthusiasm and expertise that enabled me to progress from being bed-ridden to walking with a walker.
- Bob Capozzi
My therapists were incredible. They helped me recover from a broken ankle and two knee replacements. I love CareOne at Wayne. From the help they provide to the nurses and the food - everything is great.
- Janelle Supplee
For the past five years, I have been suffering from poor balance and dizziness. Recently, it became increasingly difficult for me to pursue my normal activities. My doctor recommended CareOne at Teaneck. I didn’t know what to expect, but from the very beginning, I was grateful to be here. I have both physical and occupational therapy every day to help me overcome my challenges. It’s hard work, but the therapists here make it fun. Food has always been important to me and the meals at CareOne at Teaneck are exceptionally good. Games, movies, musical evenings and other forms of entertainment are available to fill the time not spent in therapy or in the dining room. While these activities are not mandatory, they are enjoyable and provide an opportunity to socialize with members of the staff and other patients. The staff at all levels – therapists, nurses, nurses aides, those in charge of social activities, social workers, the dining room personnel, everyone I have had dealings with in my short stay here, are, without exception, agreeable and helpful. The time I have been here has been like a mini-vacation, but vacation with a practical purpose. I am confident that my CareOne at Teaneck experience will be of great benefit to my health and well-being and to my life in general.
- Ann Ansell
To the Staff of CareOne at Valley, As you know, I was recently injured and needed extensive surgery. As an independent and active woman, I was initially overwhelmed at the thought of trying to manage on my own.  When I learned about your facility as an option, the decision of rehabilitating at CareOne was easy. From the moment I arrived to the day I went home, your professional and knowledgeable staff turned a difficult time into a positive one. My physical therapists were patient and taught me how to manage my injury safely. All the nurses and aides were great; dietary and environmental services were also quick to respond and maintained a clean place to heal. I would like to especially thank my nursing assistant. Not only did she check on me often, responded to the call bell quickly, but she assisted me with my bathroom and showering needs with respect and dignity. Once again, thank you to all the Nursing directors and floor nurses, Social Services, Admissions and the many knowledgeable friendly faces that came to my room to make certain all my needs were met. I am home recuperating and feel confident because I was prepared by the CareOne family.    
- Susan P., former CareOne patient
The care was perfect... I have to say, the people here were just wonderful. The care was wonderful. I felt like I was part of the family.
- L.P., former CareOne patient
I love the fact that [my husband] is here. The care he’s getting here is like no [other] care. Anybody that needs to go to a [nursing] home, I recommend CareOne … The exceptional care that he has gotten you will not find anywhere else.
- P.S., wife of a CareOne resident
Between the nurses and the physical therapy, I’ve come a long way. And I couldn’t have done it without them.
- E.S., CareOne patient
I’m so happy I went there because there’s no way I would’ve done as much physical therapy at home myself. I would’ve given up. The physical therapist who worked with me … was really good.
- C.P., former CareOne patient
Thanks to CareOne, now I get to enjoy retirement again.
- J.A., former CareOne patient
[My father] always told me how well [the aides] treated him and was very appreciative of the care he received. I’m glad he was able to be in such a highly rated facility as yours.
- T.M., son of a former CareOne patient
If it wasn’t for the people at CareOne, I really don’t know if I would be able to [race] again; they gave me the confidence I needed to recover. I was just another patient, but I was treated like a king.
- R.S., former CareOne patient
I love it here. You need anything, [the nurses] are right here to help you. I love them all.
- M.W., CareOne resident
I didn't think anybody could care for my mother better than I could … but gladly, I was wrong
- M.W., daughter of a CareOne resident